What is GoldCoin?

GoldCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that finally delivers on the promises of decentralization. It’s completely built and maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who firmly believe in promoting economic freedom. Thanks to these principles and a focus on game-changing usability features, like two-minute confirmation speeds and instant 0-Conf transactions, GoldCoin is fundamentally changing how cryptocurrency and economies operate. GoldCoin capitalizes on the lessons taught by other cryptocurrencies, and it’s likely to inspire new developments in the days and years to come. What really makes it stand out, however, is its feature-focused development cycle. GoldCoin leverages the power of on-chain scaling and large 2MB blocks to grow with demand without straying from Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovative vision. As a multi-pool resistant value store that retargets difficulty each block, it equalizes users in ways Bitcoin and Litecoin proponents can only dream of. Unlike the securities, stock options, profit sharing and other investment plans of centuries past, this is more than just a new way to invest: It’s a proven system where awards are based on math alone. Thanks to its SegWit-free design, the ledger is truly verifiable and safe. Even better, it’s powered by an innovative 51 percent defense algorithm and devoted community working together to keep anyone from rigging the game.

Download the Wallet

Download the GoldCoin Wallet for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, which allows you to send and receive GoldCoin.

Add GoldCoin to a Wallet

Once your wallet is downloaded and synced, you can add some GoldCoin via credit card or with an exchange. Keep your private key secure and never lose the device on which the wallet was installed.

Send & Receive GoldCoin

The process of sending GoldCoin is very easy. In two words, you need to send receiver's public GoldCoin address in your wallet, specify the amount, confirm address and send.

GoldCoin Features

     Instant Transactions

GoldCoin adhere's to how the way 0-conf was originally supposed to work, with the goal of keeping these transactions instant, secure and convenient for point of sale merchant exchanges.

     Free Transaction Support

5% of each block is reserved for free transactions.
(318,584 free transactions daily)

     Low Fees

If the sender prefers to prioritize their transaction confirmation, they have the option to pay 0.0001 GoldCoin.

     Confirmation Speed

GoldCoin's confirmation speed is 2 minutes.


GoldCoin's block size is 2 MB and supports on-chain scaling.

     51% Defense Protocol

GoldCoin features an innovative 51% attack defense system.